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About Alfal Microfinance

Al Fal Microfinance is a company that specializes in providing microfinance services. It holds registration number 49699 from the General Registrar in Sudan and a license from the Central Bank of Sudan. It is a subsidiary of Aljazeera Sudanese Jordanian Bank, of which the bank owns 70%. The company was established in the year 2016 and began carrying out its duties in 2017


The company mainly focuses on providing microfinance services and micro, small, and medium business development services through its Business Development Center, registered under number 118857.

More About Alfal

The company is governed through a general assembly consisting of 6 persons representing the owners and a board of directors consisting of 6 members headed by Dr. Amer Al-Alawi, General Manager of Aljazeera Sudanese Jordanian Bank, and an executive management consisting of 8 employees.