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    – All our financing services are in Islamic financing formats and in accordance with the provisions of Islamic Sharia. – Comfortable (monthly – seasonal) installments that consider the nature of your income. – Simple and affordable guarantees that consider your capabilities. – A financial and economic study of your project through which we enable you to evaluate the real management of your project. – Financing can be covered through any branch of the company or branches of JSJB. – Contributing to the development of your project and granting you periodic funding in larger amounts, according to the needs of the activity.
  • · Financing by installments in the Islamic way from the commodities owned by the company 100%
  • · The applicant for funding must be of Sudanese nationality and possess an original national identity or original passport
  • · Good customer reputation
  • · The customer’s age must not be less than 18 years and not more than 65 years, and the applicant for financing must be the owner of the activity and he/she is the one who manages the activity himself.
  • · The customer should not have another financing existing in any other institution or bank.
  • · The client’s ability to pay (the monthly installment is less or equal to the client’s net monthly profits from the activity)
  • · The residence of the customer or the residence of the guarantor be owned by either of them.
  • · Guarantees required from (guarantor)
  • · Guarantees required from (guarantor)
  • · A commercial guarantee according to the policies approved by the company, and the policies are as follows:

1. The amount of financing is less than or equal to 750,000 Sudanese pounds. A license to practice the profession is required. This financing is directed towards the trade and services sectors and can be collective or individual.

2. In the case of the financing amount greater than 750,000 Sudanese pounds and less than 1,500,000 Sudanese pounds, it is necessary to provide a commercial register or register within associations of agricultural and animal production professions, cooperative associations, or solidarity groups. Renewed and the guarantee shall be approved by the Chamber and the Commercial Court and supported by a check.

3. Existing activity and practicing its activity for more than two years.

4. The guarantor is the owner of the activity and possesses a valid commercial register or license to practice a profession.

5. The guarantor has an original electronic identity card or an original passport.

6. The guarantor has a good reputation and could pay if the customer defaults on the installments he owes.

(1) The agricultural plant sector, focusing on financing the production of field and horticultural crops.

(2) The animal production sector, focusing on financing the production of meat and dairy.

(3) The commercial and service sector (focusing on financing trade and service activities related to agriculture and livestock).

FBDC works with a number of partners such as SAFIN,AFRACA , University of Qatar, SPTF , CIPE , SOMMAR and SOLMAX Turkey.
The strategic financing philosophy deliverables

The strategic financing philosophy focuses on achieving the following deliveries

All our financing services are in Islamic financing formats and in accordance with the provisions of Islamic Sharia.


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